My Style Matcher truly understands your personality and taste and matches content to what people are seeking, across channels and devices. This allows us to find experiences and items that suit your life.

My Style Matcher matches people and products, this makes finding products easier, faster and more personal. To match products and people the Lifestyle CompassĀ® is used , it streamlines the offer for each individual user by combining reknowned style, value and character studies. My Style Matcher is a members only service and comes at no charge.

How the My Style Matcher idea was born

During our international business travels and brand meetings. We discovered beautiful brands, products and stories, and new trends.We faced an overkill of irrelevant choices and manipulated offers. Frustrated with searching endlessly for the right products. Both offline and online. We felt the need for an independent personal filter, a personal matching tool that matches my needs with products and experiences. Products and services that match my style presented to me in my place.