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Interactive installation

COS X Snarkitecture

To celebrate this year’s Salone del Mobile, fashion brand COS has commissioned New York-based design studio Snarkitecture to create an interactive installation inspired by the COS Spring Summer 2015 collection. Resembling the typology of a cave, thousands of individually cut ribbons hang in the site, creating both a single undulating mass and individually swaying strips. Creating a completely immersive environment, cavern draws on the familiar qualities of fabric and the primal nature of caverns to create a world of reflection, exploration and interaction. Visitors of Salone del Mobile are invited to relax, interact and recharge among the chaos of the festival. Throughout the site, the relation between visitor and material changes based on proximity. The porosity of the material invites interaction within the ribbon structure, blurring the conception of a boundary. Ribbons flow from being a singular object, to a tactile barrier, to invisible depending on the visitor’s movement.